Setting up a packaging environment for Alpine Linux (introducing alpkg)

14 minute read Published: 2023-03-27

Recently I have been interested in Alpine Linux and thought it would be nice to maintain some Rust packages in their repositories. In this post, I will share my notes/adventures on setting up a packaging environment and a tool called "alpkg" for automating this process.

Introducing runst: Handle desktop notifications neatly on Linux!

8 minute read Published: 2023-03-05

runst is a dead simple notification daemon 🦡 In this post, I'm introducing the project and giving different usage examples that will improve your Linux desktop experience.

Move away from streaming platforms & take your music offline

10 minute read Published: 2022-06-03

I don't use Spotify or any other streaming platform for listening to music. Some call it old habits, some call it needless effort, but I'm very used to downloading MP3 files over the internet and putting them in a folder on my phone then using the whatever default media player I have installed. However, for a couple of years, I have been following a better and automated approach for taking my music offline and feeling a bit less like I'm in a consumerism bubble.

Rewriting sysctl(8) in Rust: systeroid

5 minute read Published: 2022-04-17

sysctl is a simple and great tool for modifying the kernel parameters. It does its job very well by providing an easy-to-use interface for /proc/sys. It is maintained as a part of procps toolkit for years and it can easily be considered a legacy tool today. So why not push it to its limits and turn it into a more user-friendly and even more useful tool with the power of Rust?

git-cliff 0.5.0

1 minute read Published: 2021-12-15

git-cliff is a highly customizable changelog generator that follows conventional commit specifications ⛰️ In this post, I'm explaining the new features in the 0.5.0 release while giving insight into the different use-cases.

Introducing gpg-tui, a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG

7 minute read Published: 2021-05-29

gpg-tui is a TUI for managing the GnuPG keys 🔐 In this post, I'm giving a brief introduction to the project as well as describing the thought process and main development challenges behind it.

Spin Up Your Own No-Bullshit File Hosting Service

6 minute read Published: 2021-02-14

A guide for spinning up your own instance of 0x0, a no-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening service.

Kmon! Let's manage the Linux kernel modules!

6 minute read Published: 2020-04-02

Introducing kmon, a Linux kernel manager and activity monitor 🐧💻