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The Name Quest

21 minute read Published: 2024-05-03

I went on a trip to Mongolia to find out the meaning behind my name.

Ratatui Received Funding: What's Next?

10 minute read Published: 2024-04-08

Let's delve into the realm of open source funding along with Ratatui's journey.

My FOSDEM 2024 Experience

4 minute read Published: 2024-02-05

Sharing my experience after giving a talk at FOSDEM 2024!

Why stdout is faster than stderr?

50 minute read Published: 2024-01-10

I recently realized stdout is much faster than stderr for Rust. Here are my findings after diving deep into this rabbit hole.

Fully Automated Releases for Rust Projects

16 minute read Published: 2023-10-24

Here is how you can publish a Rust project with a single click of a button and automate everything.

From tui-rs to Ratatui: 6 Months of Cooking Up Rust TUIs

10 minute read Published: 2023-08-28

Let's take a look at what is new in the new version of "Ratatui" and how it became the successor of tui-rs.

Generating terminal user interfaces with Ratatui + ChatGPT

11 minute read Published: 2023-07-17

"Ratatui" is a Rust library for building rich terminal user interfaces. In this post, I'm sharing what's new in the latest version and also a fun way to easily create terminal user interfaces in a jiffy.

Zig Bits 0x4: Building an HTTP client/server from scratch

22 minute read Published: 2023-07-11

Let's experiment with the std.http module of Zig >=0.11 and create an HTTP server/client from scratch (along with some benchmarks)!

Ratatui: Build rich terminal user interfaces using Rust

8 minute read Published: 2023-05-29

"Ratatui" came a long way since its transition from the original tui-rs crate. In this post, let's take a look at what's new in the latest version.

Taking Rust to the Cloud: Blazingly Fast File Sharing

16 minute read Published: 2023-05-17

"rustypaste" is a self-hosted and minimal file upload/pastebin service written in Rust. In this post, I will be talking about its features and telling the story behind how I deployed it to shuttle.rs to make it publicly available for free use.