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How hard upgrading a Rust JWT library could be?

13 minute read Published: 2022-04-22

Recently one of my clients requested me to maintain their Rust project. It is a web server that is built with Rocket + Diesel and running stable for a couple of years now. Like any other Rust developer would do, the first thing that I checked was the outdated dependencies via cargo-outdated. The result was close to what I expected: most of the dependencies were out-of-date. However, among all those crates, rust-jwt caught my eye. It was 12 minor versions behind!

Rewriting sysctl(8) in Rust: systeroid

5 minute read Published: 2022-04-17

sysctl is a simple and great tool for modifying the kernel parameters. It does its job very well by providing an easy-to-use interface for /proc/sys. It is maintained as a part of procps toolkit for years and it can easily be considered a legacy tool today. So why not push it to its limits and turn it into a more user-friendly and even more useful tool with the power of Rust?

git-cliff 0.5.0

8 minute read Published: 2021-12-15

git-cliff is a highly customizable changelog generator that follows conventional commit specifications ⛰️ In this post, I'm explaining the new features in the 0.5.0 release while giving insight into the different use-cases.

Introducing gpg-tui, a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG

7 minute read Published: 2021-05-29

gpg-tui is a TUI for managing the GnuPG keys 🔐 In this post, I'm giving a brief introduction to the project as well as describing the thought process and main development challenges behind it.

Spin Up Your Own No-Bullshit File Hosting Service

6 minute read Published: 2021-02-14

A guide for spinning up your own instance of 0x0, a no-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening service.

My First Month as an Arch Linux Trusted User

4 minute read Published: 2021-02-06

There's a start for everything. A new blog... New responsibilities... Maybe a new role in a Linux distribution that is for advanced users...

Kmon! Let's manage the Linux kernel modules!

6 minute read Published: 2020-04-02

Introducing kmon, a Linux kernel manager and activity monitor 🐧💻