The Name Quest

21 minute read Published: 2024-05-03

I went on a trip to Mongolia to find out the meaning behind my name.

Ratatui Received Funding: What's Next?

10 minute read Published: 2024-04-08

Let's delve into the realm of open source funding along with Ratatui's journey.

My FOSDEM 2024 Experience

4 minute read Published: 2024-02-05

Sharing my experience after giving a talk at FOSDEM 2024!

If you have one project and you keep bragging about it, just stop.

4 minute read Published: 2023-03-13

Some thoughts on projects and ego management.

Open Source Grindset Explained

12 minute read Published: 2022-12-25

Let's talk about how to develop an open sourcerer mindset.

I finally found out why I'm so depressed

3 minute read Published: 2022-07-06

I'm in Norway and depressed.

My motivation towards working on open source

4 minute read Published: 2022-07-02

Some thoughts about open source and the software industry.

My First Month as an Arch Linux Trusted User

4 minute read Published: 2021-02-06

There's a start for everything. A new blog... New responsibilities... Maybe a new role in a Linux distribution that is for advanced users...